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heyo !! it's a me, mario jk//hit
it's 2017 huh can y'all believe it wow
i know each of us have faced all sorts of things last year, and whether they have been bad or not, i hope we can all move on with this new year ahead of us and continue pushing forward. whatever you may encounter this 2017, i hope you find it in you to not ever give up. i'm so, so proud of you for being able to finish another year, let's both do our best this year too alright ?? 
aaa with that aside, i guess,, i've been inactive again ?? orz i keep on going on and off with my updates and all that, by now i think it's reached a point where i'll just randomly pop out one day and people would expect me to be gone again sooner or later LOL 
but !!
i decided this year, i'll definitely be more active !! or um,, try to ww i'm not sure what might happen after all  
last year was full of ups and downs, and even though i faced a lot of things that made me incredibly upset, i'm proud to say that i was able to push forward from that. i'm also very, very thankful for all the people who continued to stay by my side despite everything and with how i am. you don't know how much grateful i really am to have you all here supporting me. i want to do my very best to be there for my loved ones and hopefully improve myself as an artist and as a person in general. i want to try all sorts of things i was too hesitant to do in the past and continue doing what i love. honestly i'm an anxious person and i take time to reply sometimes, even if i'm already familiar with the person/// i've drifted apart from so many people because of this, and as much as i want to reply to messages, sometimes they've been there for too long that if i replied now it would be really awkward hahah,, i'm not the best person to go to advice either, and sometimes i can be annoying aa,, at times i get too awkward that people think i dislike them bUt i swear that's not the case ajksds,, i guess i think too much about what i should say bc i don't want to offend the person ?? i just. really hope to get along with people. 
i know i'm not someone who can be called "perfect" or anything, but that's,, fine by me. a friend told this to me some time ago and it's that we don't have to worry about not being flawless because we'll never reach perfection or smth like that . and ever since then, i tried to keep that in my mind whenever i feel what i'm doing is not enough. 
it's okay not to be satisfied right now. you're not at fault. it's okay to take your time and go at your own pace, it's perfectly okay to feel down at times too. as long as you keep on trying, i promise you it will definitely pay off one day and you'll look back at all the times you've been upset and be able to say "i'm glad i never gave up.", and mean it. 
i hope this year will be an even better year for everyone, and i sincerely hope all my friends and family will be alright. 2016 may haven't been a great year for some, but even so, i'm endlessly grateful for all the times i spent with everyone, good or not. they all helped me become the way i am now after all !! i may not know what's going on in your life but whatever you do, please don't damage yourself. there might be times that will make you think it's better to do so, but it's not. damaging yourself won't solve anything, y'know? it might even make it worse. so please, please don't give up,,
hnn i really hope i didn't come off as mean or unapproachable to anyone,, or sometimes maybe stuck up ?? OTL i just hope to be able to inspire someone with my ways one day and do all that i can to help people i care about. since right now i feel like i haven't done enough yet, i'll keep on continuing to do my best and i hope you can too. 
let's both keep on fighting !! yeeヽ(・ω・)ノ
also i wonder what everyone's new year resolution is ?? for me it's to become more social (hoPEFULLY AA) and meet new friends + keep on talking to my current friends !! also to keep on improving in art (cough line art cough) and hopefully be able to start on digital art soon,, www i think it's okay to have goals that aren't too high, it's best not to push yourself too hard after all !! though if you're hoping to reach a somewhat difficult one for you, i hope you'll be able to succeed and become proud of yourself. do your best okay !! ヾ(・ω・。)シ i'll be cheering for you !! 
and with that,  though it's three days late (in my time), i wish you a happy new year !! here's to a bright 2017 !!! 
also let's hope i won't be too inactive again !! i swear i'll do my best !! i'm sick of being so pessimistic all the time, so this time, i hope to turn into a new leaf and aim for happiness !!
o,,oh and i !! made. gifts,, for some of my friendos and,, they might not be much but i hope you'll like them?? tho they're still not done hAha pls wait for me,,

ok i think that's all !! end of izu's long ass note woo,, see you next time !! i hope you have a wonderful day or evening, and good luck with everything !! ٩(๑òωó๑)۶ ily 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
infp ; taurus ; genderfluid ; he/they
feel free to call me anything you want !! most people call me izu or tori, and some ani or kuno so really idc !
i like to make friends
pls be my friend
i recently got a drawing tablet, but i'm still a beginner at digital art ! i hope to improve this 2017 ò v ó) 9
please don't use my art without my permission !!
COMMISSIONS: someday :iconheleavesplz:

ICON BY THE WONDERFUL :iconsunnychii: !!!


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